Artwalk in Huntington Beach-Huntington Beach Surf Museum featuring Rick Blake art

These paintings and more will be on display
at Huntington Beach Surf Museum Oct. 20th 6-9 pm during Artwalk and until Nov. 15th.


Helen said...

Sorry, I haven't any blogger account & am not using Facebook very often. Am surprised & pleased to discover Juliann has a son who paints & has the same nickname as my deceased son Ricky (Eric Holter) My dear friends in Big Bear were the well known artists Wm Hoffman & Ed & Maxine Runci. Hoffmans 'son helps me very much on Treasure Island. We invested in Bill's prize paintings & still have them. Also Runci's which are stored by Doc Knapic for me. said...

More later...slept in this AM & have App't to get to ...Just use regular account for present>>"" Thanks!